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        Harry Gilbertson Construction  

        Visit us on Facebook Call Harry Gilbertson Construction at 701-235-2187
        "Any Way You Want It!"


        Our Services

        New Home Construction

        If you want to start building a new home that will make you proud, you can count on Harry Gilbertson Construction. We are proud to complete every job at the highest quality with the best materials and a highly skilled team. We will work with you on the details of your new home to make it so it is truly a reflection of your wants, needs and desires.

        Watch as your dream home becomes a reality. We want to create exactly what you want in a home. Your vision combined with our expert craftsmanship will yield amazing results. Our new homes are "Built to Order", so your home will not be a cookie cutout of another home down the block.

        We have several plans available in which you can choose, or we can use yours. If you are looking for an alternative, you can sit down with our draftsman and we can build new plans with you.

        Standard Features

        Our homes are built with standard features such as poured basements, insulated and sheetrocked garages that include flour drains and roughin for heaters. A Harry Gilbertson Construction home also includes custom cabinets with solid surface top in the kitchen, Andersen Windows and solid core wood doors and trim. You will also have the optional help of a professional decorator.

        Some available Features

        • Upgraded Fixtures
        • Solid wood trim and doors
        • Poured Basements
        • 2.5 ton air conditioner
        • Framed Basements
        • Warranty
        • Soaring 9 ft. celings
        • Majestic windows
        • Sklylights
        • Air to air exchanger
        • Trane Furnace

        Home Additions

        Have you grown out of your home, but don't have the desire to go thru the moving process? Maybe it's time to consider the option of a home addition. Harry Gilbertson Construction will give you numerous options to expand your home to make it more comfortable and better suited to your needs.

        Call us to... Build an additional bedroom, bathroom or enlarge your kitchen. Need a bigger living room or an attached garage? Call 701-235-2187 now.

        Lots Available

        Fargo ~ We have lots available in Fargo at Valley View Development, The Pines Development and Brandt Crossings

        West Fargo ~ We have lots available in West Fargo at Eaglewood 1 and 2 Developments and Rocking Horse Development.



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